Praying With Beads

An ancient way of praying in many of the world’s great faith traditions–including Christianity–is to pray with beads. It’s a great way to kepp our busy minds focused on prayer because our intellect and our fingers are working on a specific task. They’re praying! Check out this article by Rev. Patrick Sipes about one wayContinue reading “Praying With Beads”

Possum and Stump

You know those times when you stumble over your personal history? The same old thoughts and feelings come up over and over until either you push them away again or deal with them. Healing and spiritual maturity come from the latter.  Enjoy this devotion from Rev. Deb Mechler about this very idea . . .  Continue reading “Possum and Stump”

Solvitur Ambulando

Keep reading. It’ll make sense in just a few minutes! Find a Spiritual Director        Sign up for this email          Donate           Read our blog Are you familiar with the prayer method of walking a labyrinth? Maybe you’ve seen signs at churches that have them.Continue reading “Solvitur Ambulando”

Let Art Nurture Your Soul

March 17, 2021By Rev. Dr. John J. Duling I was guiding a spiritual direction session with a directee (that is the name for someone who meets with a spiritual director) in a fellowship room of the church where he served as a pastor.  It was a Zoom session and behind the directee was a paintingContinue reading “Let Art Nurture Your Soul”